Duration: 3 Hours | Activity Level: Easy AVAILABILITY: Monday to Sunday AM and PM departures.
RECOMMEND: Bring towels, camera, swimsuit and sunscreen.
RESTRICTION: Pregnant women and children under 3 years old.

Our signature expedition, exploring the best of the Marietas Islands National Park. Ride through gregarious groups of wild dolphins; snorkel through swarms of king angelfish and alongside giant Pacific manta rays; stand-up paddle board, exploring the islands’ many caves; photograph the rare blue-footed booby birds and keep your eyes out for our winter visitors…the humpback whales.


Duration: Approximately 4 Hours | Activity Level: Moderate AVAILABILITY: Monday to Sunday AM and PM departures.
RECOMMEND: Swimwear, Sunscreen, Towel, Light sweater.
RESTRICTION: is not recommended for poor swimmers or small children.

The Marietas Islands are home to one of the most unique and beautiful beaches in the world. Known as the “Hidden Beach,” this beach was formed by a collapse of the volcanic rock that makes up the island. Over time, a cave was created by the sea; providing the only access to this stunning beach. Don’t miss out on visiting one of Punta Mita’s top attractions.


Duration: Approximately 30 minutes flying time | Activity Level: Active AVAILABILITY: Monday to Saturday
RECOMMEND: A change of clothes, Secure swimsuit, Sun hat, Sunscreen, Towel
RESTRICTION: Min. Age: 12 years old / Max. Weight: 250 lbs (113Kg).

Are you ready for the newest and coolest adventure water sport around? Are you ready to literally fly above the water like Ironman? If you are, then you have to try Flyboard. Though it may look very extreme, Flyboard is actually easy to learn and loads of fun right away. Our professionally trained instructors will make sure you have a safe and amazing experience.


Duration: All lessons are 1.5 hrs of instruction. An additional hour to practice the skills and techniques. | Activity Level: Moderate AVAILABILITY: Monday to Saturday.
RECOMMEND: Wearing board shorts or swimsuit, bring your sunscreen and towel.

Discover the aquatic world in and around Banderas Bay and in the pacific. Spend your day exploring the natural wonders and even riding the waves. if you prefer you can ride the waves from your own two feet by surfing or take to the waves on a boogie board.


Duration: 6 - 8 Hours | Activity Level: Moderate AVAILABILITY:Monday to Sunday departure 07:30 am daily. 12:00 am daily.
RECOMMEND:Wearing board shorts or swimsuit, bring your sunscreen and towel.
RESTRICTION: 8 persons per boat / e consider transportation fee per vehicle RT and a embarking and disembarking fee.

Enjoy the serenity of the ocean in the morning as you fish for Red Snapper, Roosterfish, Snoo kfish, Mahi-Mahi, Swordfish, Tuna Fish or one of the other species native to Banderas Bay.

This will be one fish tale you will tell forever! From November to May are the best months for fishing in Banderas Bay due to the abundance of Sailfish. Minor fishing is abundant all year; these are the fish you will find: red Snapper, roosterfish, snook fish, Mahi-Mahi, swordfish, Tuna Fish and other species.


Duration: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM | Activity Level: Easy - Moderate AVAILABILITY: depending the program selected - Monday to Sunday.
RECOMMEND: Wearing board shorts or swimsuit, bring your sunscreen and towel.
RESTRICTION: Children 8-11 years old: Must be accompanied by a paying adult (16 or older).

Wildlife connection offers you the opportunity to visit these fabulous animals in their natural environment and to participate in a research project that help us understand and protect our dolphins here in Puerto Vallarta. come with us and interact with a Bottlenose pod.

our guides are professional biologist who will share with you their knowledge, making this excursion an once-in-a-lifetime experience! Remember that these dolphins are not confined and this is the natural way to observe and enjoy them.